Friday, 20 July 2012

My Haggerston, your Haggerston

Yesterday was another eventful day, so eventful in fact that I didn't have time to write anything about it! So now I'm going to do a brief recap of what I got up to in my penultimate final day at the building exploratory. Firstly we had a meeting to discuss some ideas for the exciting new sustainability workshop focusing on 'the green olympics'. Our idea was to make a table comparing the 'greenest', most eco-friendly nations to their performance in the actual games. Needless to say, I got a bit distracted looking at some amazing websites which had data ranging from countries' CO2 output per capita, to the percentage of reptile species living there! (seriously, i never knew that: We also looked at doing some cool demonstrations of wind and water power as forms of renewable energy with making turbines and water mills. It might even be possible to light up the lights of the model Olympic stadium that will be used, with our own generator. Other tasks were to finish recording the places in the 'my haggerston' project (the water trough is still missing...), the photos of which are below, and to write up research into local people's favorite buildings. So far the east london mosque is looking like a winner. However, one interviewee described the high street rather eloquently as, 'hectic, crowded, and busy'... Its not that bad! It needs more water troughs though.

How not to raise environmental awareness ...

   The K2 and K3 version telephone boxes, spot the difference!

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