Friday, 29 June 2012

Well This is Good Bye

Today we have looked through books about Hackney during the Second World War, and finding pictures of the consequences of war on Hackney's buildings.

We were meant to go on a tour of Haggerston's listed buildings, but sadly it was rainy and horrible and just not very nice weather. But we didn't mind too much, because in all fairness we have been out quite a lot this week :)

It was still rainy at lunch, but we kept to our strict tradition of eating at the Canal (or Canarrrl as Ella accidently called it, or so she says...) But Tesco's had the BEST SANDWICH FLAVOUR (it does) so we were happy (even though Ella copied all of my lunch :)

We don't want to go back to school, partly because of the English and French Exams that we have on Monday! But also because working life is not that fun, but everyone is really lovely :) and we have done some good things.

So thank you, to all the people here at The Building Exploratory for having us, and giving us a a good opportunity to see what work is all about.

So toodle-pip guys, hope people have fun reading our blog.

Over and out.

P.S: Special thanks to Janet and Lizzie :D xx

Ella's Star

Today we finished off all our tasks, including writing up the details of the listed buildings... It took a while but we managed it :) As always we went to Tesco's for lunch, but Tesco's has a limited range of sandwiches... Which is rather upsetting :(

Charlotte looking happy :)

The Meeting in progress
In the afternoon we went to a meeting it was joyful. We were in charge of taking photos, and indeed took a lot, 99 in fact! The artists in the meeting did loads of cools things, they were set a project by The Building Exploratory, to get older people involved in stuff, but creatively! Some of the elder people the artists worked with had mental health issues, or low mobility, but the artists managed to work round that.

The project Ella and I enjoyed the most, was one involving light boxes, as you can see from the middle photo, Ella had fun projecting the light on the ceiling! The artist involved in the project got the elder people to project light on the walls of a church, and used coloured cellophane to make it all pretty and colourful :)

We were in charge of getting people tea, coffee and passing round brownies! I never knew people needed so many spoons...

After the meeting had finished, we had to have our pictures taken, these are mine and Ella's:

And tomorrow is our last day! :'(

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Whitechapel Hospital Museum

Yesterday we visited a museum, which showcased all of the tools doctors used to use, back in the 'old days'. We were disgusted to find out that doctors/nurses used to ring a bell, which called all people near by to help hold the 'patient' down before they cut them open. WITHOUT ANAESTHETIC!

Charlotte's talking stomach.


Today we visited the archives in Whitechapel, to find out the various uses of buildings over a period of time. We chose three different years and got to work! Of course my stomach decided to try and communicate with people but, hey! (Not literally, but I was really hungry..) It was weird seeing how the uses of a certain property had changed, it may have once been a family's pride and joy, their little linen shop, but now is a rarely thought about "Morley's Fried Chicken".

We have spent the afternoon (trying to) research the buildings, but google is being incompetent today. :(

Our First Day


Today we had an induction of what The Building Exploratory does, and got to view photos of some of their previous and current projects. We researched 103 listed buildings that are involved in a new project that The Building Exploratory is starting.  We found it tricky at first, partly because the website was so complicated and the map didn’t have road names…

However we over came this problem! YAY! and are looking forward to coming back tomorrow, as we are going on a tour of listed buildings in Haggerston.