Friday, 29 June 2012

Ella's Star

Today we finished off all our tasks, including writing up the details of the listed buildings... It took a while but we managed it :) As always we went to Tesco's for lunch, but Tesco's has a limited range of sandwiches... Which is rather upsetting :(

Charlotte looking happy :)

The Meeting in progress
In the afternoon we went to a meeting it was joyful. We were in charge of taking photos, and indeed took a lot, 99 in fact! The artists in the meeting did loads of cools things, they were set a project by The Building Exploratory, to get older people involved in stuff, but creatively! Some of the elder people the artists worked with had mental health issues, or low mobility, but the artists managed to work round that.

The project Ella and I enjoyed the most, was one involving light boxes, as you can see from the middle photo, Ella had fun projecting the light on the ceiling! The artist involved in the project got the elder people to project light on the walls of a church, and used coloured cellophane to make it all pretty and colourful :)

We were in charge of getting people tea, coffee and passing round brownies! I never knew people needed so many spoons...

After the meeting had finished, we had to have our pictures taken, these are mine and Ella's:

And tomorrow is our last day! :'(

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